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ISOLPAK, the #1 alternative to metal jacketing for the technical insulation industry.

ISOLPAK is an innovative insulation Jacketing film for indoor as well as for outdoor. The multilayer construction of ISOLPAK combines the technical advantages of plastic and aluminum. Optimal physical properties, 100% permeability, resistance against climatic influences, easy installation and durability: ISOLPAK guarantees a 360° protection for insulation.

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Award-Winning Products for jacketing

For over 40 years, we’ve focused on creating top quality products as alternative to the standard metallic jacketing materials. High performance combined with quick intallation. Quality and reliability, these are our goals.

For this reason the Isolpak product is very easy to use for the insulation of difficult surfaces, also thanks to a large number of accessories.


Extreme UV protection

Outdoor application

Great value for money


INDOOR Jacketing

Isolpak ALU

Perfect appearance coupled with economic benefits


Design appearance coupled with quick and easy covering

Isolpak PVC

Perfect optic coupled with quick and easy covering

OUTDOOR Jacketing

Isolpak ALU

Perfect appearance coupled with economic benefits

Isolpak CLAD

The self-adhesive, multi-layer jacketing solution for outdoor applications

Isolpak benefits

Unbeatable advantages, low material cost, ease of material preparation and fast installation

Costs and resources are becoming increasingly expensive. Isolpak ALU is more favorable and less volatile than metals and metal sheets and it can be simply fastened with rivets and special UV-protection tapes.

  • Isolpak ALU is a sign for the environment, hygiene and safety
  • The foil does not use any heavy metals
  • It is free of ozone-depleting CFC and HCFC compounds
  • The material is almost [<0.5%] completely free of plasticizers
  • Free of silicones
  • Isolpak ALU can be used without any restriction in food processing plants
  • The standard rolls of 1m x 25m only weigh about 12,5 KG
  • The installation is easy and needs no expen sive tools
  • The curling effect completes a perfect, cle-an and fast installation
  • During the processing only litt waste is pro-duced, the portions of the material can be mostly re-used
  • One/two thicknesses are enough for almost all standard pipe diameters
  • For larger pipe diameter we recommend thicker versions up to 500 µm which then are also stiffer in the construction

40 years of activity | A big company for big projects

TTM is a sales representative for the most important technical insulations cladding and tape brands on the market. We are a bridge which connects the manufacturers and the industrial processors. Furthermore TTM works as a converter and can understand the technical evolution and the requirements of each individual project, in order to propose the most suitable products for solving all relevant issues. We can say that TTM not only sells insulation products, but thanks to the extensive knowledge of the market the company provides the most suitable solutions in order to satisfy final customer needs. TTM – Thermo Tecno Management has been <strong>working in the field of technical insulation</strong>, especially in jacketing and cladding, since 1977. Thanks to our extensive sales network, we distribute insulations products for a wide variety of industrial applications in the global market.

Production is our value added

The major advantage of TTM: the whole production cycle is followed in house.


we decide what kind of row material is the most suitable for the type of jacketing film we are producing and the characteristics it should have, and we know how to combine different kind of materials to guarantee the best performance


our long-lasting cooperation of more than 40 years with one of the major European tape producers has enabled us to build a wide know-how what technical tapes is concerned. We apply our know-how by coating our self-adhesive jacketing film.

Quality Control:

during the whole production process, we can make several quality checks at each stage of production to guarantee the best quality of our cladding products. Furthermore, we are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Converting / Cutting:

we are the sole producer able to cut the film in house, as we do with our technical tapes.

Customizing / Packaging OEM:

we can provide our customer with individually customized packaging solutions according to their needs.

1-Stop Shop Accessories:

we have a complete range of accessories for all our Cladding products, to guarantee a 100% Protection for insulation.


Cutting unit

For cladding and jacketing foils in PVC, PE, PP, ALU

Nail puncher

It is used to insert the PVC nails into the PVC foil.

PVC & ALU tape

It is used to insert the PVC nails into the PVC foil.


It is used to insert the PVC nails into the PVC foil.

End caps

They are used for a neat finish of the Jacketing.



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